Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Roper-Ferraro wedding, 07-12-03

After a couple of quiet weeks, we're back in the whirl attending the wedding of Milwaukee-area fan and well-known filker Carol Roper and former Chicago-area fan John Ferraro. John has relocated to Milwaukee and the two of them will shortly be moving to a new joint residence in Mukwanago (which is about the nearest remaining rural area to Milwaukee). The wedding was held at the residence of Gerry and Dawn Frey, which is in the rural Fort Atkinson area. Georgie was providing the wedding cake, so it was both a prfessional and a social occasion. (I get to provide moral support to Georgie, and transport services for the cake--). The Frey's property is located in one of Southern Wisconsin's green valleys among gentle hills, and was a beautiful site. The actual wedding was conducted under a tent, which worked well, given the beautiful weather. Carol and John specified on the invitations that the wedding was to be "trans-temporal," in that the bride and her women would be wearing Rennaissance gowns, whareas the groom and his men would be dressed as '50's "beats." The wedding guests were encouraged to dress as whatever they felt would do justice to the occasion. The bride wore a white gown produced by fannish seamstress Teresa Roden, and her attendants wore princess-seamed gowns in teal taffeta with coordinating sleeves in pale blue lace. I decided to support the groom, and wore my black beret, dark glasses, grey sportcoat over black t-shirt, black jeans, and brown sandals (there were no black sandals for men in those days--). Georgie, on the other hand, was very elegant in an ivory lace and crinkle-satin gown, with matching hat, net gloves, and high-button boots. The service was brief but elegant, and was followed immediately after by the receiving line (which took longer than the service) and a delicious and festive meal catered by Rupena's from West Allis. There was to be filking aferward, but we didn't stay for that, heading home about 6:00PM.
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