Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Two parties

Saturday, December 2, got the holiday party season for us off with a bang. In the afternoon, we were invited to a surprise birthday party for our friend Judy Seidl. Georgie had to work, so I attended in my capacity as cake delivery man, making sure that the commissioned "red hat" cake got there safely. (Judy had been joking about being eligible to join one of the ladies' "Red Hat" societies--.) Georgie produced a lovely cake, complete with real ribbon band and fabric rose decorations that several guests initially mistook for a real hat. Judy had been lured out shopping by another friend, and I arrived to find the house filling up with guests as final preparations were completed under the generalship of mastermind Tim Kozinski. Finally the phone call came that Judy was about five minutes out and we took places to spring the surprise, which came off flawlessly. judy was very touched by the occasion, and we had a very nice get-together fueled by delicious snacks laid on by Tim, Bob Seidl, Shelia Horne, and other helpers.

That evening, we had an invitation to the annual holiday party given by fellow Burrahobbit Don Mueller. As always, Don's home was extravagantly decorated for Christmas, with innumerable Santa statuettes, figurines, ornaments and other items of motif. It's always fun to try to pick out what's new for the year. Don was serving out whatever was desired to drink from his handsome basement bar, while the guests brought in a truly astonishing and elegant variety of finger food. As usual, we tended to occupy the comfy chairs in the living room and chat, with occasional excursions to the nearby groaning board, or the self-serve wine bar. Georgie was able to attend with me, and we had a very good time, but the combination of her having put in a full day of work at the Library and I having done considerable errand running before the afternoon party caused us to fold up fairly early. We hope to do better next year!
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