Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

"Halloween Weekend" part 2: Trick or Treat

Milwaukee trick-or-treat falls on Sunday afternoon, so that is when the great Lytheria trick-or-treat production goes on. This year, the theme was "Mount Olympus" and we had a good turnout of Gods and Goddesses to make the kids work for their candy. We had Poseidon and Pan working the sidewalk, Hades and Charon controlling traffic, Haephestus and Urania entertaining the line waiting to be admitted to the Throne Room, and Athena and Artemis acting as gatekeepers there. Zeus and Hera entertained the visitor's petitions, and the Oracle of Delphi pronounced futures on the way out. The sorceress Circe showed up fashionably late and charmed the guests.

While a neat idea and resulted in some neat costumes, we had to give some thought to our "shtick." We didn't feel we could very well demand that the kids pay us homage or worship us. (Although one or two did bow to us. I gave a candy bar to one little boy who responded, "Thank you, God." I suppose there are worse things than thinking of God as a nice man who gives you candy.) (On the other hand, Lee Schneider ("Hades") reported asking one party, "Don't you know who lives on Mount Olympus?" and being answered "Santa Claus?")

I, as Zeus, and Therese Roden as Hera, were fitted up with microphones hooked to amps with some SERIOUS subwoofers under the porch that actually caused the floor to vibrate. The effects lights were also hooked into the system, so that when I boomed out, "I am ZEUS, the Great and Terrible!" lights flashed and thunder rolled. (None of the kids seemed to get the "great and terrible" joke--sigh.)

Once the visitors were before our thrones, we demanded why they had sought us out. A remarkable number were tongue-tied, and needed prompting to get out that they wanted candy, which Hera and I dispensed from a chest between our thrones.

Pictures can be seen at:
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