Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn


Vienna is a fine city, with enormous amounts of history and culture. I could gladly live there, and would reccomend the visit to anyone interested in art or music. I think perhaps we overdid a bit on the major museums/palaces, but I can’t think of one I would have done without, even though I regret missing some of the smaller and quirkier attractions. The food was fine everywhere we went, the people friendly and easy to deal with. We didn’t need much of the “Plan B” fallbacks I had arranged. The German phrasebook wasn’t really necessary. I had upgraded my cellphone to a multi-band phone so we could phone the hotel in case of emergency or getting lost, and didn’t need it, although I did confirm the phone worked there. A good map IS essential, since Vienna is laid out on a medieval lack-of-plan, meaning no streets are parallel or at right angles, and end or change names in a few blocks. I continue to feel that the Michelin Green guides are the BEST guides for cultural attractions, although I think “Lonely Planet” had the best shopping information. Graz was well worth seeing, although had things worked out otherwise, it would have been better to have gone there on a day when the shops were open, and perhaps stayed In Vienna on Sunday, when museums and such were open there. However, the timing of that trip was dictated by other “musts” such as the opera and ballet tickets, and you can’t have everything.
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