Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Vienna, travel and day 1

Good evening. Tonight, I am writing to you all from the lobby of the Hotel Austria, Vienna, Austria. Although we have always wanted to come here, among other places, Tracy and Bill can sare some of the blame fore getting us here since they survived a Rick Steeves tour and fired us up with visions of how neat it is. We are adventuring since Georgie and I are here all on our little own, since we don't like tours and prefer to make up our own itnerary. I'm keeping this short because the hotel computer has a European keyboard which I am finding a real pain to use, because b) I am very fried due to twelve hours of flying plus bus and car travel and layover, followed by an afternoon of scouting Central Vienna that included climbing the 300 plus steps to the highest accessible point of the Stephansdom cathedral spire. More to come, but quick notes: Alitalia is OK to fly on; Central Vienna is very cool; the Hotel Austria has everything to recommend it; and the Cafe Vienna adjacent to the hotel is a very decent place to eat. Coming tomorrow: Lippzaners, the Hofburg, and the Volksoper for Strauss' "Die Ziegeuner Baron" ("The Gypsy Baron.")
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