Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Shiloh's Sweet Sixteen

Saturday evening was ANOTHER party (this mad social whirl!), this one at the home of Chuck Tritt and Julie Ann Hunter, who were having a "Sweet Sixteen" party for their well-loved German Shepherd, Shiloh. Shiloh is essentially a member in good standing of the local fannish community, and achieving sixteen years is a notable feat, not just because it's way old for a dog, but because she's fought off cancer and other ailments in the last few years. I refer to Shiloh as "The Mystery Dog." She was found wandering alone in Ozaukee County, and soon after Chuck and Julie Ann adopted her, showed signs of an interesting background. Early on, they wer puzzled to come home and find the dog outside, although all the doors and first-floor windows were locked. It subsequently appeared that she had wiggled though a partly-open second-story window and successfully leaped to the ground in order to drive off a trespasser. When the UPS truck arrived, she got very excited and refused to allow the truck to leave until she had been allowed to get on board and sniff every package. The UPS driver was amused to tolerate this ritual but expressed puzzlement as to what he would do if she "found" something. The electric company was doing a helicopter survey of power lines and asked permission for the helicopter to set down in their field for a refueling stop. Not only did Shiloh show no fear of the helicopter, she tried to get aboard! Chuck eventually arranged for a private helicopter ride, and he reported that Shiloh was not only perfectly calm, but showed every sign of enjoyment. So,what dog training includes all of agressive perimeter defense, drug or bomb sniffing, and heliborn operations? Special forces for dogs?

Chuck and Julie Ann throw good parties. They are having fun with the currently popular Tiki-retro fad, and decided on a Tiki theme for the party. The long damp day broke at last into a beautiful sunset with rainbow, so we were able to sit on the veranda, soak up island drinks and nosh on tropical themed food while chatting with an interesting collection of fans, neighbors, MSOE faculty and friends. Shiloh was a friendly and accommodating Guest of Honor (but then, as Julie Ann said, Shiloh thinks she is Guest of Honor at EVERY party--). As I told Chuck and julie Ann, "Best dog's birthday party I've ever been to!"--and a very good party by any standards.
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