Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Beethoven Festival

This June, the Milwaukee Symphony is having a Beethoven Festival, in which, over a period of weeks, they are performing all of the nine symphonies and all of Beethoven's piano concerti. Saturday's program consisted of two favorite symphonies, the Eighth and the Sixth, and Concerto Number Two. We managed to scrounge up some last-minute tickets (last row of the balcony and not together) but the accoustics in Uhline Hall of the Marcus Center are usually very good, so being in the stratosphere is not a problem. We were somewhat worried in midweek when we caught a news story saying that the sound baffle system suspended above the stage had been damaged in an accident and the hall might not be safe. However, it was repaired in time for the performances, and the sound was splendid. A few people didn't show up, so we were able to slide over and sit together, which always enhances the experience--.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Eighth Symphony, which is one of Beethoven's lightest and most "fun" symphonies. The orchestra under principal conductor Andreas Delfs was very fine. I was not particulalry familiar with the Second Piano Concerto, but found it very enjoyable and well done as well. The Sixth Symphony ("Pastoral") was the big draw for us,and the orchestra and Delfs performed magnificently, drawing a lengthy and deserved ovation.
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