Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Labor Day Weekend

On Labor Day Saturday, we drove to Madison for the Farmers’ Market. This is the high season for such markets, and it was full of produce and full of people. We bought sweet corn, cheese, and trout fillets, all of which were delicious when we got to them. Then we drove up to the Dells and visited my parents, who actually seemed in good spirits despite my father having had another fall recently and just gotten out of the hospital a week before. They are both getting more and more feeble, but are determined to remain in their home, despite the local home care agencies having pretty much given up on them.
I don’t know what will happen, but I have to respect their choice, since I think I might act similarly.

On Sunday, we met Henry Osier and drove out to Old World Wisconsin for the Civil War Weekend. We enjoyed chatting with the various docents as usual, and enjoyed seeing the Civil War reenactors, who seemed to be having a great time being able to interact with the period settings and the museum staff. The ‘script’ for the weekend was that the 3rd Wisconsin division, which was in fact part of Sherman’s march through Georgia, was foraging for supplies and the locals were enacting the part of Southern farmers and villagers who were engaged in hiding their winter supplies from the hungry soldiers. We overheard a couple of the townswomen berating the members of the artillery detachment for having made off with their chickens. The artillerymen were polite but unrepentant. We got to stand quite close by behind the guns as the firing drill was completed and the cannons fired.

There was also a detachment of mounted Confederate skirmishers, who harassed the Union soldiers as they moved along wooded trails to raid the outlying farms. Our timing was a bit off, as we got out to the Norwegian homestead well before the Union troops and got tired standing around in the sun waiting for them to show up. (The Army was, as usual for those times, late.) We caught the motorized tram back to the parking area, and even after a substantial wait for other trams to clear the roads because most of the people on the museum grounds were going the other direction, we encountered the Union foragers still well away from their goal. Still and all, we had a good time.
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