Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

I realized lately that I don’t write enough about things going on here OTHER than movies and formal cultural events. There’s lots! One weekend in July, we had the MilwAPA collation Saturday afternoon, which, as usual in the summer, coincided with a Pool Party at Todd Voros’ house; a Bardic Dinner Saturday night, and a N.O.M.A.D.S. outing Sunday afternoon. Milwapa is rather on a low cycle of late with a number of contributors on the small side, but it still remains a valuable social connection for a number of friends we might not otherwise see as often. Bardic Dinners are a monthly themed potluck and reading evening: one, or sometimes a group, or everyone if it’s a play reading night reads aloud, and the food is themed to coordinate with the reading topic. N.O.M.A. D.S. (for Nominally Organized Meandering and Dining Society) is a roughly monthly group expedition to some nearby but often out-of-town restaurant of interest. For July, it was Gus’ Drive In in East Troy, an entertaining Fifties/Sixties decorated place with very decent burger-joint food, with excursions to the nearby Electric Railway Museum and the Elegant Farmer farm market.

Both Sue Blom and Tim Kozinski host monthly small “salons” where we kick around various more-or-less intellectual topics, and of course there are role-playing games, of which I GM one and play in two others on a regular basis. There is still table-game night on Fridays at Lytheria where you can play anything from chess to "Pirates of the Caribbean." And, lest I forget, the Milwaukee Gentlemen’s Jug-Busting Society (Motto: “Saving the World From an Oversupply of Ammunition.”) recently met at its undisclosed rural location and administered the coup de grace to many two-liter bottles and pieces of redundant equipment, including the ever-popular “Barney round.”

I wonder what the bored people do?
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