Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

WisCon report, Monday

Monday, we scrounged brakfast from the Green Room, justified by my presence on the morning panel, "Is The US a Dictatorship Yet?" My conclusion, yes, since we have one-party government and moderate members of the Republican party are not willing to challenge the party leadership to reign in the executive, who is meanwhile keeping everything possible out of the courts under the chilling rubric of "state secrecy". Other "radicals" on the panel, Eleanor Arnason, Avedon Carol, Gregory Frost, and Mary Doria Russell, differed in degree, although we all agreed that the situation is still salvageable, and recommended various resources for information and action, including Avedon Carol's Blog at which has lots of links to other useful stuff.

Georgie, meanwhile, was on the "Judging the Tiptree" panel with co-judges Liz Henry and Matt Ruff, recounting the intellectual adventures of arriving at this year's winner, the very deserving "Air: Or Have, Not Have," by Geoff Ryman.

Since we prudently packed the car and checked out before breakfast, it was realtively easy for us to then disengage and duck out, which is our wont. The Signout and Dead Cow Party attract, but the prospect of getting home at a reasonable hour is even more attractive, so we drove home with no problem--having a much better time of than the poor souls who were stuck in Chicago or couldn't even get there by a huge storm cell that closed down O'Hare airport. Even that has not spoiled the tast of what, from all I am seeing, seemed to have been a wonderful con for all concerned.

Congratulations to the WisCon Thirty Committee. A masterfully run con, a beautiful memory book worthy of a WorldCon, and many many more good memories. Here's to thirty more!
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