Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Chantry Weave Holiday Tea

On December 26th, Georgie and I attended the annual Holiday Tea given by our friends in the Household of Chantry Weave (Tin Kozinski, Shelia Horn nee Haberland, Bob Horn, Bob Seidl, Judy Seidl, Jeanette Gugler, and John Fritz). This year, the Tea had a 40's/wartime theme, and Georgie and I had helped out with the planning by digging up some recipe books specifically aimed at rationing issues. In aid of the theme, Georgie dressed up in a suit with shorter skirt than she normally wears, reflecting that fabric was being rationed as well, and seamed stockings, which drew much comment. I put on a suit (men's fashions not having changed much) but sporting Georgie's father's "Ruptured Duck" In the buttonhole. This is properly called an Honorable Discharge Lapel Pin, but was genrally know by the more humorous title. It was issued to discharged veterans as an indication of their status so that they wouldn't be hassled by people wondering why they weren't in the service or on duty. Bob Horn, who is a reinactor as well as a member of the Queen's Court at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, raised the bar by assembling an authentic U.S. Army Air Force officer's uniform. Others of the ladies and gentlemen appeared in vintage costume as well, and there was period music on the "phonograph." The cooks managed to assemble a groaning board of familiar delicacies, so apperently rationing would not have cut into the usual menu too much. We passed a very pleasant afternoon in chatting and snacking. Apparently, the Household will be taking a year off from this very labor intensive project next season, so we will have to find something to do to fill the hole--.
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