Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Aeon Flux

Just came back from seeing "Aeon Flux," which I enjoyed very much. Georgie elected not to go because of the proportion of violence in the trailers, so I went with some friends, who also liked it. This is a live-action adaptation of an animated series that's been around a bit more than a decade, but which I've never watched because it is an MTV production and I've never laid out the money for cable. Therefore, I come to it ab initio, with no opinion of how faithful the movie is to the orginal. Charlize Theron plays Aeon, who is the ace operative of the "Monicans", the underground resistance to the despotic government of mankind's one remaining city. Opening notes indicate a virus wiped out "95%" of the world's population four hundred years in the past. The descendants of the survivors, a few million or less, live in this one city, ruled by the dynasty founded by the scientist responsible for finding the cure for the "industrial" virus. Not everyone is happy with this rule, and the underground struggle is beginning to heat up.

Mainstream critics have pretty thouroughly panned it: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Bob Longino "It's as enjoyable as acid reflux." New York Post Lou Lumenick " far the year's worst movie, a most dubious achievement." Lumenick went on to chracterize the movie as "moronic and incoherent," which I found far from true. Genre and on-line critics were somewhat more kind. There is actual plot, and I found the convolutions entertaining if not always original, although there were some genuine surprises.

Being an MTV co-production, you know Style is going to be a major factor in design, and indeed there is plenty of that, and it is well done. All of Aeon's outfits are de rigeur sexy, and Theron manages to carry them off without looking ridiculous, unlike Halle Berry in "Catwoman," (whith which this film is being unjustly compared, in my opinion). There is a nice unified design to the film from the clothing to the institutional Brutalist architecture throughout the city.

Since the plot involves armed resistance, assassinations, and coup and counter-coups, there is indeed lots of fighting and shooting, but very little gore. Nifty high-tech spy gadgetry abounds. What sex there is is suggested only. I would say, quite entertaining for adults if you like the occasional action-adventure.
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