Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

WisCon, Saturday, 05-24-03

On Saturday morning, we made our obligatory pilgrimage to the Farmer's Market, which starts with croissants from L'Etoile. We encountered Milwaukeeans Shelia Haberland and Pat Bowne while we shuffled around the Square and bought lilacs for the party.

Back at the con, we hit the panel on "Older Female Questers," but found it to be disappointingly shapeless, as well as hard to hear in the large room (doubly so since Suzette Hayden Elgin was on the panel, but couldn't haul it into shape all by herself) so we ducked out to the Dealer's room and acquired a boatload of books from DreamHaven. The program item, "Ursula LeGuin and Carol Emshwiller Talk to Each Other," was funny and facinating as the two compared their very different backgrounds and writing styles.

Georgie and I were both on a panel in the early afternoon on "The City Underground" which took a good tour through Urban Fantasy, SF and Horror. As always, I noted other people's titles for future reading--.

For dinner, we took Britfans Maureen Kincaid-Speller and Paul Kincaid to L'Etoile, a place we regularly hit when in town, and they had both expressed interest in. For the uninitiated, L'Etoile is Madison's finest restaurant. Odessa Piper, the proprietor, is a disciple of Alice Waters, and a James Beard Award winner. Her emphasis on local fresh produce means that a spring menu includes such delights as new asparagus, morels, fern fiddleheads, and ramps, plus delicious meats and fish. Observing the awe and wonder on Maureen and Paul's faces as they dug in was worth the price of the dinner alone. (The Chocolate Vesuvius is a definite plus, though!)

After dinner, the Tiptree auction was next. Although we missed the early shenanigans, we were there for some awesome bidding as what must have been a record-setting auction. (Judging by bids, Ursula Le Guin could support the award with her embroidery single-handed.)Then back to the parties. Of course one had to stop in at the TOR party, and we also dropped in on Turbo-APA, Kansas City in '06, and Haiku Earring, where I traded thirteen syllables for a pair in red called "The Laughing Challenge."

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