Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Dwali Dinner

Well, it's been a busy week (in Lake Woebegon) and I hope to catch up a few events. We were invited to the home of our friend Tim Kozinski November first for a dinner in honor of Dwali, the Hindu festival of lights and New Year celebration. Tim had prepared a lovely table, set with silk napkins and placemats, and the sideboard had been turned into a flower-bedecked altar where Ganesha held pride of place among other deities. (Tim and Judy Seidl operate "Ganesha's Treasures" an Indian clothing business specializing in saris.) The main dish was to be roast leg of lamb, and we contributed a dish of jasmine Basmati rice with cardamom pods from Georgie. Sweet things to eat are very much a part of Dwali tradidtion and I had gone to a store/restaurant here called "Bombay Sweet" and picked up a large assortment of Indian "sweets" for dessert. "Sweets" are about the only thing that describes them, since they are neither candies not cookies nor pastries in the conventional sense. Quite a few are based on the kind of milk-batter balls that make up gulab jamun, with various coatings and fillings; others are cakes of sugary stuff with different flavorings , and still other are a sort of heavy material with a taste and texture like heavy mild marzipan which may be spiced with a bit of saffron. We also had some very nice samosas, a lovely daal (a lentil pilaf), naan with and without garlic, and the lamb was lovely. There was also saag paneer, but cooked spinach is cooked spinach in my book, and I am not the one to appreciate it properly--. All in all, the dinner was as good as any we had had at most Indian restaurants, and the company was excellent as well.
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