Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Lytheria Halloween

As usual, this year, our Halloween Celebrations centered around Lytheria, the east-side mansion owned by our friend Lee Schneider, and inhabited by a changing cooperative household of fans and students. Saturday night was the open-house Halloween party, which we attended in costume. Our friend, Lisa Mason, had suggested that "Scary Godmother" a cartoon character by writer and artist Jill Thompson would make a good costume for Georgie. (See Wikipedia entry on SG here: ) After some time of finding the right parts the costume made its debut at the party, with me going as her skeleton lodger, Mr. Pettibone. Both costumes were well recieved, and a good time was had.

The following afternoon was the Trick-or-Treat production. We had decided that this was the year if any to do "Star Wars", never having done it, and set the theme as "Coruscant Job Fair" with recruiting tables for both Jedi and Sith, Imperial Armed Forces (motto: "The Clone Army Builds Men!"), droid repair school, and the Mos Eisley Musicians Guild. I came as Count Dooku, but turned the Sith table over to my master, Emperor Plapatine (Kev Gallimore) and spent most of the afternoon working the stairs and sidewalks when we had a line, which was most of the time. Georgie came as female Jedi Bariss Ofee, Henry Osier was the Imperial recruiter, Todd Voros the droid repair tech, Janice Hanchar the Cantina performer, Lee Schneider and Gary Cone as Security, Julie Ann Hunter as the Jawa, Barisha Lettermann as Amidala, and Chuck Tritt, Steve Hanchar, Jolene Stiles and Mike Davis (aka "Raxus") as bounty hunters/mercenaries. Perhaps due to the good weather, we had our largest turnout ever, giving away ALL the candy we had on hand except for some emergency reserves, meaning in excess of 600 visitors, mostly not counting parents. The schtick was that the kids had to choose whom to sign up with, at which time they got a chit to hand in for a "hiring bonus" from the cashier (Therese Roden).

As usual, fun was had. The best moment was when we saw a Yoda costume coming. The reaction of myself, Chuck, and Mike was "Yoda! Let's get him!" Taking charge as my "Count Dooku" personality, I declared "He's mine!" I went to the sidewalk, took a guard position with my (toy plastic) lightsaber, and gave my challenge: "OK, you shrivelled green runt, time for a rematch!" "Yoda" was taken aback for a bit, then gamely deployed his lightsaber to the cheers of the onlookers and moved in for the attack. We had a brief "duel" which ended when I let Yoda touch me on the leg. I then escorted the victor to up to claim his candy.

OK, let's see if this works: The Halloween 2005 folder should be publicly viewable at:

Hmm. Forgot to upload the photos to this folder. Check back later!

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