Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn


Ironically, it seems we decided to head down to Bristol Renaissance Fair the same Saturday that Madisonians Tracy Benton and Bill Bodden did, and we totally missed seeing them, or they us. Not that we knew the others were there. The grounds are somewhat winding and there are hundreds of places to be inside, not to mention lost in the crowd, but considering that we spent a good amount of our time haunting the clothing shops, it is strange we didn't meet. Most of this trip was spent looking at the shops, although we took in the nobles' dancing, and refreshed our memory as to a lot of the other performers briefly. We did decide that, if we won a lottery jackpot we would need a truck to haul away loot form Bristol--boots, blades, clothes, jewels--oh, my.
This year there were a few new vendors, including a kilt maker, and several of the stores seemed to have been rearranged and brightened up, which made the experience more pleasant. Georgie bought a multi-colored "scroll" skirt from Moresca which may show up as part of her carnival outfit at WisCon--.

The following Saturday we made a somewhat abbreviated trip to the Wisconsin State Fair. The weather was good and crowds reasonable, but the two friends we were with, who are both dear to us, unfortunately are getting so arthritic that after the initial entry to the park, anything more than a few minutes of walking requires a rest break. Add to that that they will NOT eat breakfast before coming, so that the first thing that must be done is a trudge to the middle of the fairgrounds to get omelets. Resultantly, at least half the fair visit consists of sitting in some more-or-less uncomfortable spot chatting while second winds are gathered. We like chatting with our friends, but we can do that anytime--. Nevertheless, we managed to get in a minimally satisfying sample. Some years, we've had time to make more than one trip with one on just our own so we can cover the ground we want to hit. Next year, we'll have to plan that.
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