Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Mystery Men, Episode Two

The second installment of the "Mystery Men" game ran at my place Saturday night. The Plumber, MilitiaMan, Winter Noir, and The Spider Man made a successful data raid on Dr. Nova's headquarters, but got out one jump head of security, but not without encountering one of the dreaded Subterranean Fungus Zombies in the sewers. Revolting development continued as most of the team returned to The Plumber's truck and found it staked out by the vengeful Flattop and his thugs. Timely intervention by MilitiaMan allowed the good guys to turn the tables on the thugs and take them into custody, but at the cost of MilitiaMan's truck engine, which was shattered by a hail of heavy slugs.

Winter spent the remainder of the night accessing the files they had grabbed, exposing the framework of Dr. Nova's plot to discredit known heros and take over the city.

That same morning, the Hell's Angles junkyard robot gang attacked MilitiaMan's favorite junkyard, the one he was depending on to get him a new engine. He arrived in time to witness a debacle, as Master Control, sponsored superhero of "Johnston Controls", deployed his remotes against the robot gang and experienced a massively destructive malfunction, which ultimately appeared to be "pilot error." And of course, the Nova Men appeared in time to save the day. The plot will continue to thicken--.
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