Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Lytheria Trick or Treat, 10/31/04

The theme for this year's Trick or Treat production was "Far, Far Away," from "Shreck 2". After a couple of intensive costume and set years, we thought that this one would be easy and fun. As it turned out, we had some really remarkable reproductions and good effects. Lee really can't do anything simple and paneled in the front porch with white faux brick to suggest the palace facade, complete with flickering sconces and the Fairy Godmother's potion cabinet, with bottles that glowed magically under black light, and which also served as the cache of candy bars.

The cast included:

Jennifer "Stormsinger" Newmark as Princess Fiona (one of our best likenesses, with a very accurate wig, dress, and green makeup);
Paul Sullivan as Shreck, aided by a decent mask;
Georgie Schnobrich as Queen Lillian, very elegant in a gown looted from and American Players Theater costume sale;
Therese Roden as the Fairy Godmother. Her hair sprayed silver and swept up, several people said the resemblance was "frightening."
Mike Davis as the Big Bad Wolf and Steve Hanchar as a clueless woodcutter did a lot of good comic schtick.

We also had help from: Letha Welch as "Malificent," Jackie Hanchar as "Sleeping Beauty", Todd Voros as Captain Hook, Bill Bodden as "The Magic Mirror," and Tracy Benton as a court lady, whose role evolved into that of Keeper of the Secret Door.

Lee Schneider himself was the Palace Guard/Gatekeeper and used his spear to good effect in traffic control.

Me? Oh, I decided to challenge myself and take on the role of Doris, the Ugly Stepsister, bartender at the Poison Apple Inn (voiced in the movie by larry King--). A bit of hunting on eBay found me a close dress in my size, very good wig with a braided front in the stle shown in the movie, and Georgie found me a Shreck picture book for makeup reference. Of course I had to shave off my mustache--the first time in twenty five years--but the effect was worth it.
(There's a good image of "Doris" on the movie website:
It's of course part of the Flash presentation, so I can't link to it directly, but the curious may enter the site, choose "About the Movie," "Meet the Characters." The Ugly Stepsister is right after Prince Charming (scroll down on the thumbnail bar at the right hand side.)That'll give you an idea.
Aha, a simpler link to a smaller pic here:
If we get useable photos I'll see some are posted.)

The schtick at these is pretty much improvised on the spot: here's roughly how it worked out this time: kids ran the gauntlet of the Wolf and Woodcutter out on the sidewalk, and got passed by the Guard. Going up stairs to the house, males got mashed on by the Ugly Stepsister (looking for a date to the ball) and females got comments about hair and outfit. They were snored at by Sleeping Beauty and greeted by Queen Lillian, who greeted them with more or less grace depending if they were pretty costumes ("bride's side") or ugly costumes/no costumes ("groom's side/commoners"). They were then passed on to the tender mercies of the Fairy Godmother, who granted their wishes by giving them candy. Then Captain Hook ushered them to the Magic Mirror, who gave them the 'password' which got them out the secret/side exit controlled by the Doorkeeper. (Lee added side stairs to improve traffic flow a number of years ago.) Yes, we give away full-size candy bars, but we make them work for it!
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