Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Lytheria Halloween party, 10/30/04

We got over to Lytheria for the annual big Halloween party about 8:00PM. it is a costume optional party, but we always have some: this year I went as "Van Helsing," from the movie of that name, and Georgie went as Anna Valerious. I was able to pick up long leather coat, brimmed hat, gloves, boots, and suitable pants from my own wardrobe--. I bought a decent leather vest and a roll-neck sweater that was a perfect match for the one worn by Hugh Jackman in the film, but it was too hot for indoor wear, so I substituted a plain gray shirt. Georgie got lots of complements on her leather corset and boots, and embroidered blouse and jacket, which were referential to the movie character, but in her colors.

As usual, Lee and the Lytherians (good name for a rock band--)set out a feast and had a full program of movies--including "Van Helsing" and "Hellboy." There were a few more costumes this year than some, including Henry Welch as a "hula girl" and Chuck Tritt as "Alladin," among others. We had a good time, but folded up about 11PM due to work and APA party earlier in the day.
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