Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Cream City Chorus Concert, 10/23/04

And now back to our regulary scheduled program: Saturday after the Tolkien conference finished for the day, we went over to the Village Church of the Arts for the first performance of the Cream City Chorus' new season. We had forgotten that this was a "bistro" show, and were a bit taken aback when we saw the tables, thinking perhaps we had the wrong place. However, we took chairs along the wall wich nevertheless had a good view, and the sound in the relatively small space is always good. One drawback of this arrangment is that there is scant room for any of the choreography that enlivened the Chorus' last show. Most of the pieces were fine without it, but it did seem a bit odd to have the group belting out "Gotta Dance" with no one dancing.

Full chorus numbers tended to open and close the acts, with solo and small group performances filling in. Among the particularly noteworthy:

Yolanda Roth with a big motown sound on "The Boy From New York City," with joyful boogieing by Bill Martin as the "boy."

Shirl Greeb and Bruce Lynch have good musical-theatre voices and put them to good use on a slow tune, "If I Let Myself Go."

Kristen Weber gave a lively rendition of "Another Hundred People," from "Company."

Megan Schaefer was in paritcularly good voice as she gave "Manhattan," that classic nightclub style.

Donna Plaski was effective with "Misty," as was Ebbie Duggins with a reworded version of "Before."

Small ensembles gave us "New York State of Mind," and a barbershop-style medley, as well as some clowning around to the "Green Acres" themesong.

Downbeats were that I did not think that the addition of Michael "KV" Johnston as MC particularly added things, and the auction of leftover bottles of wine and cheesecakes really brought things to a halt and could have been handled more expeditiously. Other than those, it was a good enjoyable show as usual.
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