Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Outrage of the day!

Oh, no--it's not ENOUGH that an ENTIRE nuclear enrichment plant got stolen piecemeal out from under the noses of our administrators in Iraq. ALSO terrorists got clean away with more than 300 TONS of high-tech high-powered conventional explosives, which the Bush Adminstration KNEW WERE THERE and utterly failed to do anything about. Explosives which are even now being used to kill our soldiers. A sufficient quantity of explosives not only to replicate the violence of September 11 literally thousands of times, but enough to level and entire city if properly distributed. Explosives which have by now been scattered to the four winds, and may also, even now, be being smuggled into the United States through the myriad of back doors left open and unguarded while the administration pursues its failed dream of glory in Iraq.

Wouldn't you think that, if your avowed purpose for invading the country is to take control of its supposed weapons of mass destruction, one of the FIRST things on your to-do list would be to seize, occupy, and lock down known nuclear production sites? The blatant failure to do so certainly casts further doubt upon the governments claims of justification for war, and indeed makes it pretty plain that concerns abotu WMD in Iraq were a total sham from the beginning.

I'm not worried that John Kerry couldn't do better than this. Any fool could do better.
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