Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Spaces and Traces, East Side Home Tour

On Saturday morning, May 10, we took the Annual Historic Milwaukee home tour, which had the theme "The Grand Homes of Kenwood Park-Prospect Hill." This area is one of the grandest of Milwaukee's neighborhoods, and we were eager to take the tour having had an enchanting time on last year's "Storybook Style" tour. The mansion of Paula Uihlein, heir to the Schlitz brewery fortune, was definitely the highlight of the tour, although we wished we could have seen more of it. As it was, the elaborately paneled and carved living room, dining room, library and foyer were magnificent. Other homes were lesser, but had many gorgeous rooms, sweeping staircases, and delightful features. A quirky feature of the tour was its endpoint at the old North Point Lighthouse. We actually got to climb up to the top of the iron and steel lighthouse, fun because we hadn't gotten to see inside actual lighthouses we had toured before. Georgie inspired admiration in our fellow tourers for making it up and down the final ladder in the long skirt she was wearing.

It was hard to choose a favorite after the palatial Uihlein house, but I think we still like some of the "storybook" houses from last year best.
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