Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

“Shooting World”

The ground finally having dried up following the spring flooding, Lee Schneider opened up his property in rural Ashippun for target shooting at the Lytherian target range, A.K.A. “Shooting World.” (Since Ashippun consists of two unincorporated wide spots in the road, “rural Ashippun” means you are way out in the sticks--.) We loaded up some of our guns and ammunition and drove out Sunday afternoon, meeting an assortment of usual suspects, plus some young people who were being instructed in shooting and safety. From my shooting box, I produced some inflatable toys to use as targets—a “Barney,” a “Gumby”, and a green space alien. These were greeted with cries of savage glee, and Barney was the first one up against the wall, with one of Lee’s exploding targets attached to his chest. (These are small pyrotechnic devices that go off with a flash and a bang when hit by a bullet.) Barney soon deflated under a hail of bullets, but held up long enough to be blown to plastic shreds when a shrewd shot detonated the target. Gumby and the alien suffered the same fate. In addition, numerous plastic soda bottles, paper targets, and other odd ends bit the dust. Fun was had by all.
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