Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Gaming Group, Mystery Men, 05-04-03

The ad hoc gaming group got off the ground again Sunday evening, with me gamemastering "Mystery Men." I'm using basically free-form "rules" and no dice. The milieu is Mill City, a cross between Milwaukee and the Gotham-like Champion City from the movie. Characters are "The Plumber," "MilitiaMan," "The Spider Man," (not the one you are thinking of) and Winter Noir, computer cracker extraordinaire.

Action got underway as The Plumber, on patrol, spotted thugs abducting a pawnshop operator. His intervention was greeted with gunfire, which drew the attention of MilitiaMan. The crooks fled and were interecepted by local sponsored superhero Braumeister (sponsored by Mill Beer). Things went wrong when Braumeister was affected strangely by his hyper-vitamin fortified beer drink and acted drunk, hindering both the characters and the police. A ne group of sponsored superheroes, the Nova Men, arrived on the scene to clean up and take most of the credit.

Smelling a rat, Plumber and Militiaman adjourned to the local superhero-wannabe bar, where they met The Spider Man and Winter Noir, who were interested in their story. Various degrees of detective work ensued, checking out the Nova Institute, the Nova Men, and the contents of a can of SuperBrew. Tune in next time as the daring heros recruit more help and plan a data raid on the Nova Institute!
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