Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Housewarming/Housefilk, 06-12-04

Saturday evening, we drove out to the “wilds” of Mukwonago to the new home of John and Carol Ferraro. John is a Chicago-area fan who moved up to our neck of the woods upon marrying Carol Poore-Roper, a long time Milwaukee fan and well-known filker. The twelfth was to be the first housefilk of the summer season, and a housewarming for their handsome new residence. Mukwonago was a rural village, which heretofore had as its claim to fame its proximity to the “Elegant Farmer” farm market. Now it has become a “bedroom community” for Milwaukee and western areas such as Waukesha and Brookfield. John and Carol have acquired a nice piece of property a few miles north of the village proper, on the southern edge of the scenic Kettle Moraine region (and actually only a few miles due south of Ten Chimneys at Genesee Depot). We were, as usual, among the first to arrive and got the nickel tour of the spacious house. (The swarm of ferocious mosquitoes outside deterred anyone from touring the grounds--.) Since it was a housewarming as well as a filksing, more people showed up than might otherwise have, and the party spread in a lively fashion to the rec room for talk, the dining room for food and talk, and the screen porch for cards and talk. We were among the early departers also, about 11:00PM with the party still going strong. A good time was had by all, and the new home was well and truly warmed. We wish Carol and John much joy of it.
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