Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Shreck 2, 06-06-04

Oh, go on. You KNOW you want to see it--. The good news is, you can do so with no feeling of guilt or trepidation. Shreck 2 was one of two basically flawless fantasy films we’ve seen in the last few days. The unimaginatively titled sequel picks up where the original left off, with Shreck and Fiona back from their honeymoon. Their attempt to settle into domestic life is interrupted by the summons to meet visit Fiona’s parents, the King and Queen of Far, Far Away, who are under the mistaken impression that Fiona had married her intended, Prince Charming, who got to the castle of the dragon after she had already escaped with Shreck. Complications ensue as the King and the Fairy Godmother (who happens to be Prince Charming’s real mother) try to get Shreck out of the way and Shreck tries to become more acceptable. If anything, the animation and design in this film is better than the first, and the new additions to the cast are very worthwhile. John Cleese (the King), Julie Andrews (the Queen), and Rupert Everett (Charming) are all notable for the hoity-toity self-parody accents they can do—and did none of in this movie. Indeed, the vocal acting by all was quite subtle and unaffected (which nonetheless still begs the question of why Fiona has a California-girl accent if any, when all her family and countrymen sound like Brits--). In the animated figures, the King’s range of facial expression is quite astonishing, the more so because he is a different facial type than Cleese, which leads one to think that he was not Rotoscoped for the renderings. Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots holds his ground with Eddie Murphy successfully. Indeed, in my opinion, one of the improvements in this script over the original is less dialog given to the motor-mouth Donkey, whom I find annoying (indeed, he refers to himself as “annoying talking animal” at one point, so I think I’m not alone--). The backgrounds in Far Far Away are rich in sight gags to entertain those who aren’t carried along by the story, but I was sufficiently taken up with it that will require a second viewing to catch most of them.
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