Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

WisCon Sunday

Sunday was a big day for us: Georgie had her panel on “Trickster Goddesses,” with Guest of Honor Eleanor Arnason, and fellow Milwaukeean Sue Blom in the Chair. The panel went well, Georgie pulled out some impressive references, and the audience contributed obscure bits of knowledge in the traditional WisCon fashion. In the early afternoon, we went out party shopping with co-conspirators Tracy and Bill to get perishables for our party. Once back to the hotel, we gave ourselves a brief break to rest up, but had to go to the discussion on the WisCon retreat to find out what had transpired there. We’d had less ambitious plans for dinner, but ended up at our usual Sunday place, Kabul, anyway, and fortified ourselves for the coming tasks. We encountered Tracy and Bill on the way back to the hotel in search of ice cream, and joined them for a scoop. Then on to the party set up, which went very quickly and well, since we had a smaller room, and did not have to fool around with lighting or drapes as much. We got into costume, and I must say we all looked fabulous, especially Tracy in her hand-made Barbary Pirate outfit. I took charge of making punch and tending bar, which kept me busy throughout the night, but I met almost everyone who came in, and had a good vantage point. We had Pirate Music (“Pirates of Penzance,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “Toucan Pirates”) but at one point I discovered the music I was hearing wasn’t ours—one fan, whose name I never got, produced a “squeezebox” and gave us live music, which evolved into a session of singing sea and folk songs, lead by Ellen Kushner. They were still going strong by 1:00AM when we ran out of rum (three quarts!) and Tracy declared the party closed. A good time was had by all, and we seemed to be the talk of the con the following day.

Due to the party setup, Georgie had to miss the Tiptree Award ceremony, for which she had been commissioned to produce a gift of artwork for the winner (Matt Ruff, “Set This House in Order”). We did hear afterward that Ruff was very pleased with the multiple portrait depicting his characters, and that the Tiptree Committee members were very happy as well, which was a great relief and pleasure for Georgie.
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