Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Abuse In/Of Iraq

Now we are getting to some philosphically interesting facets of the prisoner abuse scandal. Mr. Bush says that these activities are not indicative of the American character, but I'm very much afraid that they are. The US suffers very much from the "wogs begin at Calais" syndrome, and that has just been aggravated by the September eleventh attacks. As is well known, considering the enemy sub-human makes it just that much more easy to commit atrocities against them. Rush Limbaugh and the other oafs who dismiss it as "fraternity hazing" of course miss the point: even if it were only hazing, one is still not permitted to haze the prisoners. "Blowing off steam," or "revenge" are not justifiable excuses either: revenge is not the province of individual soldiers.

A very good question is raised by asking if whether or not the administration declaration that detainees are not covered by the Geneva Conventions has contributed to an an abusive climate. I suggest the question is larger yet: If the government can rape an entire country just because it wants to and can, what matters a little one-on-one abuse between individuals? If that is not the ultimate source of an abusive climate, what is?
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