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Saturday afternoon the 20th, we went to St. Joseph’s Chapel to hear Early Music Now’s program featuring the Estonian vocal group, Heinavanker. They presented a concert of liturgical chant, Renaissance polyphony, early Estonian folk hymns and runic songs, which was very beautiful to listen to. The group has exceptionally beautiful voices and ensemble, which were well served by the Chapel’s acoustics.

Most of the liturgical pieces were in Latin, with several by Johannes Ockeghem, an influential composer of the Franco-Flemish School in the last half of the 15th century. It was interesting to compare the various pieces and get a feeling for his style. I was more interested by the pieces that were either in Estonian, or had Estonian content, such as “Imeline koda” (Wondrous House), a song that honors the Virgin Mary in a setting containing a lot of pre-Christian elements. I also particularly liked “Nuud Kristus surmast tosnud on,” (Jesus Christ is Risen Today), which was a very lively and pleasant celebratory piece.

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