Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

OddCon, 04 -03-04

last weekend, we made our annual visit to OddCon (Oddysey Con) in Madison. It usually ends up being a fast, short con for us as we both work Friday and Georgie frequently, as this year, has to cover Sunday at the library as well, but we enjoy it and have a good time while it lasts. I signed up for a good number of panels, so that's what I did a lot of. Nevertheless, Georgie started out Con activities off by appearing on the panel "Where is the metric system in SF, and other missing concepts?" Richard Russell, Madison's own Metric Man, suggested the panel which started with a good discussion of the missing metric system, paritularly in US SF. Georgie's contribution was to suggest that "Culture" was missing item, particularly in TV SF: where are references to current music or art, the character's hobbies, or anything they do when out of uniform? This drew some lively discussion also.

I was next up, on "Waht's So Bad About Living in the Matrix?" wherin we discussed that, given the starting premise of a devastated Earth, virtual reality might not be so bad, provided the Humans and Machines could make common cause and Humans could have some determination of "life" in the Matrix/. The hard part is determining what's in it for the Machines--.

We of course found time to make a pass through the dealer's room and left some money at verious tables (including Uncle Hugo's) in return for good stuff.

I sent Georgie out to dinner with Tracey Benton and Bill Bodden to arrange skulduggery for WisCon, while I paneled into the night on "Older Gamers" and "Out of Print Authors that Need to Be Reprinted."

My tips on how to get in a good evening of gaming boiled down to 1) Know your gamers, and 2) Know your game. An oldeer gamer should have enough experience to control or exclude disruptive elements, and should know the game system well enough that big rules debates don't erupt. These suggestions were well received.

As for reprints, I had a long list consisting of entire publshing lines. I wanted to see back novels from the old Avalon Science Fiction line of the 50's and 60's, that put a lot of the work of DeCamp & Pratt and Alan E.Nourse into hard covers; Ace Doubles novelletes, including the E.C. Tubb "Dumarest of Terrs" series; and gems from the early DAW list, including the works of the late Thomas Burnett Swann. Lots of people wrote these down, for whatever good it did.

My last panel ended at 7:30PM, at which time we bugged out for home. Georgie had to work Sunday, but I would be back for more panel action--.
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