Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Donald Trump vs. the Wrath of Khan

Donald Trump's performance sticking his foot in his mouth over the last week or so further demonstrates why he is unfit to be president of the United States. He has shown himself to be both thoughtless and petty.

Thoughtless, because his decades of being an untouchably rich absolute despot in business, and his years on "reality TV," where being outrageous is a good thing, have corroded his filters to the point that he blurts out any half-formed thought that impinges on his speech centers. His supposedly "sarcastic" remark inviting Russia to attempt to hack his opponent's e-mails is a case in point. He never stopped to consider the implications of inviting a foreign power to meddle with our elections. And, as for being sarcastic, who could tell? It all sounds the same coming from him.

Petty, because he cannot overlook any slight, no matter how small. A wise candidate would have let Mr. Khan's remarks go with minimal response, perhaps a brief expression of sympathy and redirecting the question back to terrorism as he has since tried to do. Instead, everything with Trump is personal, and he responded to what he alone chose to characterize as a "vicious attack," not only with slurs against the Khans' religion, but more recently with the likely libelous claim that Mr. Khan is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. Like a schoolyard bully trying to rally his gang, Trump tried to get members of Congress to take his side. None have.

Now, he declares that he is "afraid the elections may be rigged," showing again that he is better suited to be a candidate for a third-world dictatorship than president. Afraid now that he will lose, is he already trying to rally his supporters to threaten violence, as he did with the party nomination?

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