Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

What the Trump Plagiarism Issue Tells us About the Trump Campaign

It's not so much the fact that parts of Melania Trump's Republican Convention speech echoed (ironically) Michelle Obama's Democratic Convention speech of 2012, what's really revealing is the Trump campaign's response to the accusations of plagiarism.

The immediate responses were to deny that there was plagiarism, a response that Trump spokesmen kept repeating until the news broke that speechwriter Meredith McIver had admitted that it happened. This response was therefore proven to be a lie. Other counter-charges included that Hillary Clinton was somehow responsible, another obvious untruth, except, perhaps to those that believe Secretary Clinton is the root of all evil, including tooth decay. It was alleged that the plagiarism issue was, you should excuse the expression, "trumped up" by hostile media: only true if you believe that it's the duty of the press to ignore howlingly obvious stories.

And then there was the allegation that big, bad Hillary and Co. were picking on poor Melania, who wrote the speech all on her little own. This, of course, was also proven untrue, due to the admitted involvement of two professional speech writers.

In my opinion this is the kind of action we will expect routinely if there was to be a Trump presidency: any criticism will be replied to not with a measured response, not with checked facts, but with knee-jerk lying and bullying. It just makes the whole ugly picture even uglier.

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