Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Villa Terrace, Garden Opening

Sunday, June 5th, we stopped in to the Villa Terrace Museum for the annual opening of its Renaissance garden. This amazing site stretches down the bluff from the Villa atop it down to the shores of Lake Michigan, incorporating handsome mature plantings, and a spectacular staircase fountain.

This year, the grounds included an installation art piece by local environmental artist Roy Staab. The piece, entitled “Shadow Dance” consists of huge overlapping hoops of bundled reeds, five circles and an ellipse, overlapping and suspended at different levels on a framework of saplings. The work is very impressive when viewed from above from the Villa, and when walking around it on the lawn. To examine it up close and see the uniformity and precision of the bundling and lacing is croggling, as is the perfect circumference of the circles, knowing that he does all this work by hand. The weather and the gardens were beautiful.

The Villa also has a photograph show of a selection of Mr. Staab’s other installations, called “Suspended in Time,” and a collection of art baskets curated by Staab, “Beyond Baskets,” all of which were very interesting.

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