Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Corflu Badger

On Saturday the 26th of April, Georgie and I went back over to Madison to drop in on Corflu 20, known as Corflu Badger, since the tradition appears to be to adopt monikers for the various cons in the series rather than the more usual numbers.

We got a sufficently early start to stop in at the first outdoor Dane County Farmer's Market of the year, which was also a scheduled event for Corflu. We raided the market for cheese, frozen meats, and some of L'Etoile's divine croissants. We didn't recognize any of the Corflu members there--they may have been temporarily held off by the same flood of race-runners that made our escape from the square a dodgy enterprise.

Corflu is a small con, dedicated specifically to fanzine fandom. Georgie and I were present becuase of Georgie's artwork for the con and for "Wabe" and "Chunga", two current fanzines, and our writing and LOCing for them.

Corflus tend to be programming light. This one's agenda had six items total including Opening Ceremonies and GoH Speeches. Times between events were taken up by "Algonquin Hours" (basically free time) and generous meal breaks. We got in in time to enjoy most of the "Team Fan-Ed" panel, which dealt with tag-team zine publishing as currently done by the aforementioned Wabe, Chunga, Banana Wings, and Plotka.

The interval turned into a lengthy chat session in the con suite, so we did not get to the "Cult of Live Jounal" panel. "Live Fanthology '97" was an interesting discussion of the process of fanthologizing as well as a brief retrospective on the 1997 fanzine field.

Rather than getting to the "Truth or Memoir?" panel, we hatched plots with Madison fan Tracy Benton for the Fancy Dress Party we are throwing at the upcoming WisCon. By the time we were done with that, we decided it was time for dinner, and ducked out with such alacrity that we missed the opportunity to dine with Scott Custis and Jeanne Gomoll, who couldn't overtake us.

We had a lovely dinner at the nearby LuLu's Mideastern restaurant, and returned to the con to get an unexpectedly warm welcome, since people had come to the conclusion that our sudden disappearance had meant that we were abandoning the con.

We found a comfortable place to sit off the InnTowner's lobby and read though some of the zines we'd acquired, and gradually collected a core of past and present Madison fans to schmooze with, including Spike Parsons, Julie Zachman, and Kim and Kat Nash.

The big after dinner event was Andy Hooper's radio play-cum-quiz game, "Why You Got This Zine Is Late," which was a tour-de-force of lovingly satirizing the history of fanzines into the 1990's. Georgie sucessfully guessed ten out of eleven faned transitions and won the chocolate computer prize that Andy put up.

I scored copies of "The Enchanted Duplicator" and the British fanthologies from the TAFF table, and current issues of Chunga, Plotka, and "Random Jottings #2", all of which I need to digest and LOC as appropriate.

We were glad to see all of the above, plus Bill Bodden, Hope Kiefer, Jae Leslie Adams, Jim Hudson and Diane Martin. We had a good time and would rate Corflu Badger a success.
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