Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Burrahobbits, 04-22-03

Last night the Burrahobbits book discussion group met at the residence of Sue Blom. The book was "The Devil Wives of Li Fong," by E. Hoffman Price. The book is rather a curiosity since it was a new book in 1979 by an old "Wierd Tales" writer. At 200 pages in paperback, it's a short book by modern standards, and we found it a fast easy read. The plot involves the adventures of two "serpent spirits" who had been wicked women in past lives. A good monk inadvertently blesses them with human form, and they determine to use the opportunity to earn merit so that they will be reincarnated as true humans in the next life. After finding a hidden treasure, they decide to use to improve the life of a deserving man and settle on the apprentice druggist, Li Fong. The plot is complicated by the designs of greedy men after the treasure, and well-meaning but misguided holy men intent on "rescueing" Li Fong from the toils of the serpent-women. The book was generally enjoyed, and the characterizations of the bold and decisive women and the narrow-minded Abbot were particularly effective.
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