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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Scott Walker vs. ISIS

It’s not just that Mr. Walker’s comment regarding ISIS, “"If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world” is both insulting to the people of Wisconsin, and pure braggadocio, it is laughable (for bitter, ironic values of laughter) to those of us who were paying close attention to the Act 10 protests. As I recall it, the Governor’s response to the protestors was craven and despicable. Indeed, the Governor and the Legislature responded to the rigidly non-violent protestors as though they WERE a pitchfork-and-torch-waving mob, by trying to lock the people out of their Capitol, directing the Capitol police to be as harsh and repressive as possible, conducting business after hours with no notice, and planning to call up the National Guard versus the same aforementioned non-violent protestors, which, if that qualifies one to combat ISIS, means that George Wallace and Orval Faubus would have been even better.

As for moral courage, not once did Mr. Walker directly address or confront the protestors. In fact, once having done his skullduggery by inserting the anti-union language into the Budget Bill (it had to be separated out as “Act 10” in order to get around the Democratic Senate quorum boycott), he pretty much laid low until it was time to sign the passed bill. The “other Scott”, Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald, did all the heavy lifting during the legislative crisis.

As for Walker’s “punting” (or rather, fumbling,) on evolution, the President’s love of country, and the President’s Christianity, his non-answers just go to verify my opinion, that he is a total sock puppet for ALEC and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, and that, unless David Koch’s hand is up the back of his coat, he has nothing to say. In point of fact, going back to Mr. Walker’s career as Milwaukee County Executive, he’s never put forward an original thought or idea that I recall.

I noted with considerable ironic humor this Sunday’s column by Walker cheerleader Christian Schneider in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, entitled “A Journey Through Gov. Scott Walker’s Brain.” It’s actually a cute piece, and, unusually for Schneider, admits the Gov. may have made a misstep comparing Wisconsin citizens and ISIS: however, if it had been a factual piece, would have described an echoing void.

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