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Lytheria Trick or Treat, 2014

This year the theme was “Arkham Asylum,” based on the “Batman” comic and TV series of the same name. This meant that most of the characters would be Batman villains of the crazier sort. I was prepared for this, having saved the “Two-Face” costume I had had made up years ago when we did the “Supervillains’ Club”. After some research, Georgie decided to do Jervis Tetch, a.k.a. “The Mad Hatter.” She had most of what was needed in her closet: we just ordered an appropriate hat, and she was ready to go.

I used a new set of Ben Nye gel effects makeup to do Harvey Dent’s facial scarring. The clear and flesh colored gels worked well and were pretty convincing as burn scars. The red was disappointing: it was thinner than expected and came out a bright red rather than the scabby color shown on the examples, but I had to go with it. Overall, the effect was not bad.
We had a very good “Joker”: he had an excellent costume and characterization. As a new member to the ensemble, he worked impressively hard to “host” the Asylum portion of the event for most of the afternoon.

The set up was that the Asylum was open for tours. The Director, “Dr. Generic,” (Todd Voros) gave an instructional/safety lecture to the people waiting in line. However, once the people entered, they found Joker and other putative inmates in charge, and were required to choose which of three doors to open to release another. Various members of the cast took turns behind the doors, being menacing in their own ways when let loose, but always ending up with candy bars being handed out. (It was cute that some of the kids had to be persuaded to take them, having been warned outside not to accept anything from the inmates.)
I started out working the sidewalk, flipping Two-Face’s two-headed coin to predict if people would get candy from the Joker or not. (Good face: “Eh, maybe so.” Bad face: “Doesn’t look good--.”)

The second half of the afternoon, I changed places with “Killer Croc”, who went out to prowl the sidewalk and I lurked behind Door number Two or Three. When my door was opened, I would say, “Oooh, visitors! I wonder if I like them?” (Flip coin) Good face: “I like you! Have some candy!” (gives candy bars) Bad face: “I don’t like you! Here’s something BAD for you!” (candy bars--).

The Trick Or Treaters seemed to have a good time, and so did we. The only “Batman” costumes that showed up were on really little kids, so we didn’t give them any extra hassle that we might have to a teen-age Batman. There was a large variety of costumes this year, with “Ninja Turtles” being popular. Given the popularity of “Elsa” costumes (from the movie “Frozen”) I was initially surprised how few came by, but then realized that the great majority of our visitors are African-American, and I can imagine that the pale blonde queen probably didn’t have great penetration in that market--.

Over eight hundred candy bars were given out.

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