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Gregory G. H. Rihn

West Allis Players, “The Cupcake Killer”

October 10th, we went to see “The Cupcake Killer,” West Allis Players’ fall production and a world premiere of a new play. This is the third play by Katherine Beeson, who also directed the play for the group, and was very good. (Ms. Beeson also took the role of the murder victim--.)

Set in the ‘fictional Louisiana town of Salisbury,’ the plot deals with the mystery surrounding the death of Betsy Ross-Garrett, the domineering secretary of the local Baptist church, who has put more than a few noses out of joint. She also, it appears, has an estranged husband who has recently won a million dollar lottery prize.

So, who slipped Betsy a poisoned cupcake at the church social? That’s the problem that confronts the sheriff (Bill Kaiser) and his deputy (Scott Fudali). In a nice change from the conventional plot, the officers frankly admit that they lack experience in major crime, and perhaps the visiting detective novel writer, Zoe Shepherd (Sara Pforr), might actually be able to help them out. That is, until it appears she might know a bit TOO much--.

Very nice performances by the Players’ troupe, including Corey Klein as the troubled preacher, and Marilyn Daleiden as “Miss Ruby,” who stole scenes as the town’s diner proprietor. We found the characters to be quite true to life, including the coterie of church ladies, and the sheriff’s secretary with a big ear for gossip. When the murderer was finally revealed, I found the criminal’s motives quite believable.

The play’s one flaw is that it is a very talky script and a bit overlong. I gather that Ms. Beeson acknowledges this, and future editions will undergo some editing. Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable play and a good evening at the theatre.

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