Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Thirtieth Anniversary

Thirty years ago October 6th, Georgie and I exchanged these vows.

I, Gregory, promise to you, Georgie,
Georgie, Gregory,

--that I will love you always,

--that I will honor and respect you,

--that I will keep faith unto you,

--that I will hold your needs as important as my own, and above all others,

--that I will protect and cherish you,

--that I will never knowingly betray your trust,

--that I will not keep from you the true voice of my heart, and I will always take seriously that which your heart speaks unto me,

--that I will never forsake you, as long as life endures.

Will you, then, accept me as husband?

(the other) I will.

(change parts and repeat)

(exchange rings)

(both in unison)

Be thou married unto me in righteousness, and in justice, and in loving-kindness, in compassion and in faithfulness.
We will be true unto each other.
We will protect and support and will provide all that is necessary for our sustenance, even as it becomes all human beings to do.

(October 6th, 1984, at Lake Delton, Wisconsin)

Definitely the best thing I have ever done!

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