Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Milwaukee Scottish Pipe Band, Fall Highland Gathering

Saturday evening, October 4th, we went to Klemmer's Banquet Center on Oklahoma Avenue in West Allis, for the Ceilidh portion of the day's program, hosted by the Milwaukee Scottish Pipe Band, which also included Scottish solo piping and drumming competitions, and a haggis dinner.

We got to the hall about 6:30PM, with the Ceildh in progress. Two pipers were playing a duet that was quite beautiful and intricate. They were followed by Ceol Cairde, a local Celtic band. The evening alternated short sets by Ceol Cairde with pieces by various pipe groups, including the Milwaukee Scottish Pipe Band, Billy Mitchell Scottish Pipe Band, Chicago Celtic Pipe Band, and the Greater Midwest Pipe Band, with dances by the Caledonian Scottish Dancers. We found this was a very nice event, since it gave us a chance to hear the bands play music other than the usual marching pieces you hear at parades or festivals.

The event was rather lightly attended, which is rather a pity. We must watch to see if it reoccurs next year and drum up (so to speak) some more friends to go.

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