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Arkenberg-Bochnak Wedding

On Saturday, October 19th, we went to the Astor Hotel on Milwaukee's east side to attend the wedding of Katherine (Katy) Arkenberg and Dwayne Bochnak. Katy is our friend and a member of the Burrahobbits reading group we belong to. We hope that Dwayne will become a friend as well, as he seems like a nice guy. And, besides, Katy met him through "Star Wars" fandom--.

The Astor Hotel is a nice venue, and the ballroom used very pretty. It was also adjacent to the hotel's capacious bar, which served as a place to hang out both before the ceremony, and while the room was being reset for the reception.

The bride looked beautiful in a classic, simply shaped white satin dress, decorated with lace appliques. The other women of the wedding party wore individually styled long dresses of a lovely royal blue. All the gentlemen were elegant in tasteful black suits with white boutonnieres.
Court Commissioner Mary Howard Johnstone officiated. The ceremony was not elaborate, but effective, with vows written by Katy and Duane.

Following the ceremony, the guests adjourned to the barroom, where open bar and snacks, some of them quite creative, kept people busy until the reception dinner was set up.

The reception was quite fun with many 'fannish' elements. We were bemused to see that we were at Table 111, until discovering that it was numbered for Bilbo's age at the beginning of "The Lord of the Rings" (properly, "eleventy-one"). Other tables had numbers referential to "Star Wars," "Star Trek," "Doctor Who," "Firefly," and engineering and science. The bride and groom entered under an arch of illuminated light sabers.

The meal was one of the best wedding dinners we have had. Georgie and I had opted for the chicken, which was juicy, not at all overdone, and served with a very tasty sauce. The people who ordered the beef appeared to have sizable portions of actual fillet mignon, which looked very good also.

A disc jockey was laid on for after, but we didn't stay for dancing. I was impressed that the DJ came around to the tables and asked for particular requests. Altogether a totally successful and very enjoyable wedding. We wish Katy and Dwayne all the best, and look forward to getting to know Dwayne better.

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