Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2013

Despite having bought advance tickets in February, we couldn’t fit getting down to the Bristol Ren Faire until absolutely the last day, Labor Day Monday, but had a very good time. The weather was perfect, in the 70s and dry, and traffic down to Bristol in the morning was light and free flowing despite the construction zone that backed up southbound traffic later in the day.

We got there just after opening and strolled in with no line at that time. We started our usual tour, and bought some very good brownies to snack on at the new “Green Angel Kaffee Haus” on Guild Hall Row (a good thing in more than one way, as it turned out--), chatted with “Jayne the Foole” at Blackheath Books, got good seats for the noon jousting session, and visited friends at Court, and Master Felix Needleworthy at his shop. We did quite a lot of shopping around, as there are very attractive discounts on the last weekend, which gave us ample to do while waiting for a chance to get lunch. By the time the jousting was over, the turnout for the Faire was so great that lines at the more popular food stands were hugely long, and it took until more like two o’clock for the queue at “Maiden Voyage” (the fish and chip shop) to get down to a mere ten deep (as opposed to fifty--). So, it was a good thing that we’d had the brownies to sustain us.

We did find one particular prize while shopping, and bought Georgie an outfit from Pendragon Costumes that can be useful for both Ren Faire and Steampunk, and very versatile in application of its parts.

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