Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Steampunk Weekend

On Saturday, June 15th, we took the annual Historic Concordia Neighborhood house tour. This year's theme was "The Modern Victorian: From Steam Trunk to Steampunk," and anyone who came dressed in Steampunk attire was admitted free of charge. Since we normally do the tour anyway, this was a bonus for us.

So, we garbed up for adventuring, and were pleased to see other members of the local Steampunk community came out as well. The tour volunteers were pleased to see us, and we got a lot of compliments on our outfits.

The homes available for viewing this year included some real gems, in particular one on West Highland Avenue, which is not only beautifully restored, but is a showplace for the owner's spectacular collection of antique "talking machines", plus music boxes, early coin-operated "player" devices, and a medical Tesla coil machine.

We were also very interested to see a house on N. 34th St. This was a house built by Milwaukee brewer Fredrick Pabst for his daughter. For many years, it was a rooming house, until the present owner bought it and began the process of restoration in 1998. It's still a work in progress, but the progress that has been made is very impressive indeed.

On Sunday, the 16th, we joined a Steampunk outing to the East Troy Electric Railroad organized by Henry Osier. As a group, we rode in a former Milwaukee streetcar the five-mile trip to the Elegant Farmer at Mukwonago. The elegant farmer was doing a bang-up business at that time, and we decided that, rather than stand in long lines then, we would take the next train back to East Troy, have some ice cream at Lauber's Old Fashion Ice Cream next to the Railroad Museum, and then take our car back to Elegant Farmer, which was on the way home for us, and pick up a couple of things (like a basket of juicy strawberries)that it would not have been practical to haul back on the train.

We rode back on the streetcar, and got into Lauber's just ahead of the mob from the following car. Initially, the shop only had one server on, so getting served took a bit of time. I ordered a classic Banana Split, which was very nice. Very traditional ice creams, good toppings, and a nice, ripe banana. Georgie had a double scoop of mint chocolate chip, which was very good also. Then we took our car back to Elegant Farmer, and bought some jam, pancake mixes, and the aforementioned strawberries. By the time we got there, the rest of the group was on the train back to the Museum, so we packed up and drove home. Although we cut our time a bit short, we had a very good time.

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