Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

Dining: Devon Seafood, and Le Reve

Tuesday night, June 4th, we went out to dinner at Devon Seafood and Steaks, located in Bayshore Town Center, the "New Urbanism" style development adjacent to Bayshore Mall. (While not unpleasant, this is basically another mall turned inside-out. Imagine a small-town urban center made up almost entirely of chain stores, which is kind of creepy in a "Stepford Wives" kind of way--.)

Devon Seafood was very nice. We got there at 5:00PM, which allowed us to take advantage of their "fashionably early" menu. This was a good deal with starter (soup or salad) and entree for $19.95, plus specials on wine by the glass and desserts. I opted for the Lobster Bisque to start, and Georgie had the Baby Greens salad, both of which were excellent. The restaurant states on the menu that they will make adjustments to accommodate dietary restrictions, and had no problem leaving the feta cheese of the salad.

For entree, Georgie had the Almond Crusted Tilapia, which came with orange beurre blanc, grilled asparagus, and seasonal berries. This was also excellent, although they could have gone a bit lighter on the beurre blanc. I had the Seared Whitefish, which was perfectly done, and accompanied by my choices of parmesan roasted potatoes (lightly cheesy), and apple-celery root slaw, both of which were very good. We had a glass of a very nice Pinot Grigio each. I can't can't remember when's the last time I saw a restaurant serving baking powder biscuits as bread, so these were a treat, and I was also impressed that we were offered more during the meal. I would have preferred regular butter with a meal to the honey butter that was provided, but that's the only quibble. Service was fast and attentive. We will be going back.

On Wednesday, June 5th, we went to Le Reve French restaurant, located in "The Village" of Wauwatosa, to sample their desserts. (Coincidentally, Wauwatosa's village area is the real thing of what Bayshore Town Center pretends to be--). We tried their Chocolate Raspberry Dome (pistachio cake, raspberry mousse, dark chocolate mousse, raspberry gelee, and dark chocolate glaze), Chocolate Mousse, and a Chanson Aux Pommes, a glazed pastry with a tart apple filling. The Chocolate Raspberry Dome was almost unbelievably good, being very light, moist, and entirely delicious. The Chocolate Mousse was very smooth and rich, but being a bit lighter on the chocolate and sweeter than I would have preferred. The Chanson had a light flaky crust and very flavorful apple filling. service was cheerful and showed no displeasure with us just wanting desserts. We will definitely be coming back here, too.

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