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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Wiscon 37, Sunday, Part Two

Georgie was on "Monstrous Females and Female Monsters" at 4PM. Georgie had some good things to say on the mythic monstrous females, as did Catherine Lundoff, Zen Cho, Joyce Frohn, and Micole Sudberg. Although speaking skills varied widely among the panelists, the audience gave them good attention, and kudos to those who were showing courage as first-time panelists.

For dinner, we met with Darlene Coltrain and Steven Vincent Johnson and friends, and went down State Street looking for a meal. Kabul was the original goal, but when we found them full, we went next door to Husnus'. Husnus' is a Turkish restaurant, so similar to Kabul in some ways, but different in others. We had a plate of excellent hummus and very good bread as appetizer. Georgie had a very nice entree of sliced chicken breast in an orange sauce with apricots and artichoke hearts (Asmali Tavuk). I'm very fond of the Koftachalow (meatballs) at Kabul, and decided to try Husnus' equivalent, Izmir Koftesi. The Izmir Koftesi is made with tenderloin, and so was tasty but a bit drier than the Kabul version. The sauce was a thinner style, but complimented the cooked vegetables that came with nicely. (In addition to the potatoes and carrots mentioned on the menu, there was also cauliflower and green beans.) A good meal but my vote goes to Kabul. Darlene had the lamb shank special, and said it was very tender and tasty lamb, but somewhat lacking in the Middle Eastern spicing she was expecting.

Surprisingly, Husnus' had only one server on for the dinner hour. Perhaps most WisCon members don't get past Kabul? Since we expected there would be goodies of various sorts at the parties, we skipped desserts.

Back at the hotel, we waited a bit to get seats for Guest of Honor and Tiptree Award speeches, but got decent seats. Joan Slonczewski gave a short and very engaging talk about her work as an author and as a scientist. Jo Walton was warm and witty talking about reading and writing.

After the speeches, we went up to our room and changed for parties. We both dressed Steampunk since one party was a "Steampunk Speakeasy." However, we found that room to be too loud for comfort, and spent much more time across the hall at Joan Slonczewski's Purple Sharers party, which we found much more comfortable and chat-friendly. We retired after a visit along the hall to the other party rooms.

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