Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

WisCon 37, Sunday, Part 1

Sunday, I had the dreaded 8:30 AM panel slot ("How Many More WisCons?"), so we breakfasted on Green Room scones and orange juice, and go to the panel room in good time. There was a very good audience for this early hour, and we had a very interesting and informative panel, although a bit of a downer. As posted elsewhere in this journal, I have become a convert to the Club of Rome's forecasting, which leads me to the conclusion that we have f*cked up the planet, and we're pretty much screwed. Not that there's nothing that CAN be done, but, given the political and social dynamics, nothing WILL be done while there's time and money to do it. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid I'm right. Shannon Prickett, L J Geoffrion, Noelle Reading, and Adrian Simmons were other members of the panel and made very solid contributions. As I concluded--I'm sure we will make it to WisCon 40. WisCon 50 or 55, I'm not at all sure of.

The next thing we went to was the Programming Recruitment meeting. We are both thinking of getting more involved in ConCom work, and a lot of this can be done remotely, so we are both considering options.

Then, I was scheduled to be Moderator on the "Fear and Masculinity in SF & F" panel. Panelists Liz Argall, Mary Anne Mohanraj, and Michael Underwood gave a highly literate and very nuanced panel on this topic that I thought was just fantastic. Afterward, I got a couple of compliments on my moderating style from audience members, so I was pleased.

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