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Gregory G. H. Rihn

Wiscon 37, Saturday

Saturday, neither of us had panels scheduled. We got up in time to go purchase croissants from L'Etoile and take a look at about half the Farmer's Market before coming back to the hotel to eat breakfast, and then go to the "Real Life Science Fiction" panel, which dealt with the most interesting recent science stories. Kylee Peterson, Jacqueline Gill, Heather McDougal, David Peterson, and GoH Joan Slonczewski gave a fascinating presentation on the frontiers of science.

After that, we had the obligatory Saturday lunch at the Tiptree Bake Sale, which seemed to be particularly good this year. After the break we went to the reading session, "A Confederacy of Troublemakers," which featured Karen Joy Fowler, Pat Murphy, Annalee Newitz, Madeline Robins, and Nisi Shawl. They gave us an excellent set of selections from recent and forthcoming works that we will definitely want to find and read.

Next, we visited the Art Show and the Dealer's Room. Both had very good selections this year, and were very interesting.

The next panel we attended was "Food in Spaace!" which dealt with the kinds of issues a long space voyage would need to resolve. How much food, and how would you store it/grow it/ create it? Are 3D printers the food replicators of tomorrow? What kind of cuisine? Who gets to cook? (Who does the dishes didn't come up--.) Panelists Liz Gorinsky, Sandra Ulbrich Almazan, Magenta Griffith, Penny Hill and Heather McDougal covered the topics well and with humor.

We went to dinner at Spice Yatra on the Square, which had pretty decent Indian food (Tandoori Mixed Grill was good) but the service was a bit slow--apparently not expecting the number of people in on Memorial Day Saturday.

We made a point to get back early in time for Tiptree Auction setup, because we were delivering two cakes that Georgie had made, one for each of the winning works. Georgie put in a lot of work translating the cover art for both works into cake, since the watery photo-manipulated covers they BOTH had ("The Drowning Girl," by Catlin R. Kiernan, and "Ancient, Ancient" by Kiini Ibura Salaam) were less than ideal for rendering as butter cream frosting. Everyone who sawthem seemed to think they were beautiful (as did I) and they took in $340.00 for the Tiptree Award.

Ellen Klages was in good form as auctioneer, and we stayed until after the cakes were auctioned and the siren call of the parties drew us upstairs and eventually to bed.

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