Gregory G. H. Rihn (milwaukeesfs) wrote,
Gregory G. H. Rihn

New Year's Eve

As is our usual practice, we spent New Year's Eve at "Lytheria," the mansion home of Lee Schneider, as well as Henry Osier and the other roomers who rent from Lee. This is always one of the big parties of the year. Lytheria's front hall is to meet, greet, and chat away from the laden dining table that fills the Dining Room. The front parlor has the TV set, and runs Lee's preselected program for the evening well into the early hours. One of the particular treats is always the collection of the year's weird commercials—those Lee has captured that are science-fictional, fantastic, particularly funny, or just "out-there." This year there were forty-two minutes worth, dominated by Nike and IBM. The Library has the pool table and a video game setup. The poker table is located in the basement laboratory. The second floor hallway is set aside as a play area for the children of guests, and the third floor hall is the filking area. We tend to get there about 8:00PM, which gives us plenty of time for socializing. We like the commercials video, and I usually migrate downstairs for a few hands of penny-ante poker. Georgie, meanwhile, will sit in with the filkers. Just prior to midnight I break out the champagne, pour glasses for myself and Georgie to toast the New Year, and share with anyone else who wants some. Then back to talk with anyone we didn't get to earlier until we wind down, in this case about 1:30AM. This is what we consider a good time--.
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