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THAT for you, Karl Rove! That for YOU, Koch brothers! And for YOU, casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, and all the plutocrats who attempted to buy this election for Mitt Romney.

One hopes that this defeat will make them reconsider their strategy. Having spent their hundreds of millions of dollars only to be offset by the multitudes of small donors rounded up by the Democratic Party, ActBlue, and the Obama SuperPAC, perhaps they could reconsider this whole idea. That would be nice, but I'm not going to count on it. Instead, as I'm sure Rove, who doesn't want to become a has-been, will argue, what is needed is MORE money applied in even more underhanded ways. After all, adhering to failed past programs is the Republican public policy plan, so why should their election strategy be different?

That said, the best I can muster this morning is "modified rapture," since the best I hope for is four more years of the nation not going straight to hell in the conservative handbasket. (On the other hand, in Wisconsin, the Republicans realized the fruits of their redistricting plan and recaptured the State Senate, so their plans to make us North Mississippi can continue--.)

And, that's the good outcome. Most economists note that the economy is going in the right direction, albeit slowly, and modest recovery is likey to continue for the next four years. However, the Republicans in the House of Representatives are in position to take their revenge by deliberately driving the government over the "fiscal cliff" which, if it doesn't put us back in recession, would almost certainly derail that recovery.

(Not that the "fiscal cliff" is necessarily the end of the world. I, for one, wasn't being killed by taxes before the Bush tax cuts, and their effect on me has been marginal. I wouldn't miss them much. Some commentators have postulated that letting the tax cuts expire and the sequestration go into effect would be a GOOD thing, since the combination would do much to reduce the deficit and put the government on track to a balanced budget. Unfortunately, there's so much of a "Chicken Little" attitude about it that there probably would be at least a mild recession--after all, the crash of 2008 was largely due to a sudden crisis of confidence as much as anything else.)

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