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Halloween Weekend

We had a very pleasant Halloween holiday, which started Friday night with "The Masque of the Red Death." That made it a three-costume Halloween, since Georgie and I dressed "Steampunk" for that occasion, which was appreciated by the theatre and cafe staff. We got a number of compliments on our outfits.

Saturday, we hosted the October MilwAPA collation during the afternoon, which was a very pleasant affair. We had decorated the house by bringing out a selection of our "Spooky Town" ceramic buildings, and a few more than two dozen of my 12" scale monster and monster-hunter figures (including "Darkness" from the movie "Legend", who's actually two feet tall in 12" scale--.)

Saturday night was the Lytheria Halloween party. I had bought a "Dr. Horrible" style lab gown (properly called a "Howie coat") last fall but hadn't worn it anywhere. Georgie had bought me some nice new goggles, so I decided to combine the two, add a "utility belt," zap gun, boots and gloves, and went as "Dr. Awful." Georgie has a very pretty Moresca "gypsy" outfit she normally only wears to the Bristol Ren Faire, and decided to wear that. This was one of the smaller Lytheria parties, but we had a very nice time as always.

The theme for Lytheria trick or treat Sunday afternoon was "Pirates of Barataria," and Lee had particularly asked me to do Jean Lafitte. How things worked out was that I, backed up with a few henchmen, such as Steve Hanchar, acted as gatekeeper on the stairs to the porch. I would stop a group and subject them to the following (you must assume that I am speaking in an OUTRAGEOUS French accent, largely modeled on John Cleese as "the French Taunter" from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail):

Me: Greetings! I am Captain Jean Lafitte, King of the Pirates of Barataria! Have you come to join our pirate band?

Them: uh--yes?

Me: Excellent! Can you play any pirate music?

Them: uh--no?

Me: Too bad, you can't be part of the pirate band, then. You might pass for crew, though. I'll ask some questions. What's your Pirate Name?

(Most of course have given absoutely no thought to a pirate name, so either came up with their own name, or the name of our costume, which we made more or less fun of depending.)

Me: "Princess? That's not very scary! 'A Pirate ship appears on the horizon. Oh, no, it's the Dread Pirate PRINCESS! We're DOOMED!" --I think it needs work!"

(On the other hand, we had to agree that Dread Pirate Batman had potential, and "Skullface" was scary enough--.)

Me: Let me ask some more questions. What's the difference between a binnacle and a barnacle?

(This question stymied 100% of them. Half a dozen or so were able to answer that a barnacle was some sort of sea creature or was found on the bottom of the ship. We took pity on some of the later arrivals and occaisionally asked, "What's the difference between fore and aft? or "Port and starboard?" but might just as well have asked "binnacle/barnacle." The average Milwaukee trick-or-treater just isn't nautically inclined.)

Them: I don't know--

Me: Do you poop on the poop deck, or not?

Them: (laughter) Not!

Me: Good answer! You pass. Go up and see the Pirate Parrot, he'll give you something. (Aside, as they go up stairs: "Probably a bite on the nose, but that's parrots for you!" or "Probably a disease, but that's piracy for you!")

There were a half-dozen or so unfortunates who answered "Yes" to the poopdeck question. They got:

"Bzzt! You flunk! You are rated un-able seaman, and get to swab the poopdeck! See the parrot--."

On the porch, Lee had built a ship's stern as counter, bearing the name "Petit Milan," after one of Lafitte's ships. Todd Voros and Lily Sullivan took turns manipulating a parrot puppet that was persuaded to share its "treasure." Terresa Roden and others helped hand out the candy, and Georgie and other members of the crew handled traffic control. Lee Schneider as Sir Henry Morgan supervised all.

The afternoon was clear but chilly. It started slowly, but in the end, we gave out more than 900 candy bars. Fun was had--at least by us. The kids seemed to enjoy it, too.

Me as Captain Lafitte:

And my scurvy but loyal crew:

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